tirsdag 28. juni 2011

Foo Fighters in Oslo

Friday morning I drove all the way to Oslo to see my all time favourite band Foo Fighters! And what a night it was! Warming up with pizzas and beer at Jorun's house with a bunch of friends, before getting on the bus to Telenor Arena. For more than 2hrs the best band EVER entertained us all (22.000) and through 23 new and good old songs, me and Jorun was jumping up and down, singing and smiling:) Doesn't get better than this!
Super sweaty, happy and excited after the concert :)
A few others also wanted to catch the bus home..

mandag 27. juni 2011

St.Hans at Langenes (Midsummer)

I was so lucky that I got myself invited to Liv and Håkon's beautiful house by the sea for what we call St.Hans. Good company, amazing bbq food (big salad, chicken kebabs and homemade focaccia), sunny beautiful night (I think the sun went down around 23!!) and ofcours a big bonfire! 

onsdag 15. juni 2011

Kiting and Camping in Denmark

I figured out I'd see how many stops I was able to get on my travel from Maui to Kristiansand, so after signing of and letting crew B take over the yardcaos on Challenger, I took my many bags and got on a train to Århus. In Århus I was picked up by Espen and Eivind (amazing timing by the way) and we headed West to the sea around Hvide Sande. Ingrid and JP had already checked in to our camping cabins and we were ready for a week of Danish hospitality, wind and camping life.
Too make it short: Great company, alot of barbequing, freezing weather, sunburn (!!), cold sea, big waves, some wind, fat guy on eletric bike, diablo and yoyo, yatzi, cardgames, scrabble, cheap red wine, waveboard, hot dogs, long breakfast, "sneijle" and danish bakeries :)
Ingrid, JP and Espen
Evind superexcited.. Me, very sceptical.. freezing..
All forgotten the minute I got on the water
Cruising on the surfboard
                         Circus school candidate 1..                                    Canditate 2
                                   Candidate 3                                                         Candidate 4
Ingrid, JP, me and Eivind
BBQ food!!
5 weeks, 3 flights, taxis, 4 weeks job, hotels, Challenger, train, car, camping, ferries, Maui, LA, New York, Hamburg, Aarhus, Hvide Sande, Hirtshals and I have finally arrived HOME in Kristiansand!!

torsdag 9. juni 2011

Hamburg Summarized..

4 weeks in Hamburg.. it's been looong, but gone fast, it's been hard but alot of fun, it has been challenging but rewarding, it's been boring but interesting and most of all caotic!! We've had it all :) All in all a very good trip. 

Dimitry (one of my colleuges) took alot of awsome pictures throughout the stay and I'm being rude enough to put them on my picasa web album, so enjoy!!