fredag 25. november 2011

The hard Life doing Seismic

Las Palmas skyline
Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it makes you crazy, sometimes you are so fed up you can't understand why you are doing it, but sometimes life as a seismic worker is pretty good.. The last week and more our boat has been along side in Las Palmas waiting for engine parts, and we made sure to use the time well! Crewmeal, beach time, paintball, swimming etc.. Not so bad :) At writing time we have actually left Las Palmas and are now somewhere on the atlantic ocean heading for South America!

Half the crew out doing Paintball
We had time for some beach too..

lørdag 12. november 2011

The Last Tour..

I am sure you are all sick and tired of reading about Maui this and Maui that.. But one last post from my beautiful Maui with the last memories of my little hippie village Paia and the legendary Kanaha Beachpark (Kitebeach Maui) and some of the great people there!
The best icecream in the world! Really!! Try the cheescake flavour!!
The best pizza in the world! Really :) And the most organic..
The best fish in the world! Really!
The best luggage in the world.. Really :)
By far the best Shop name in the world! Really!
The coolest people in the world! Really! Me and Kite Alaska Trace. 
Another one of the most cool people in the world. Vincent!
The nicest guy in the world! Really! Mr Ino :)
Just an awesome air from Trace.
The most amazing beach in the world! Really!

torsdag 10. november 2011

All good things must come to an end... make room for loads of more good, but different things! That is why I am now leaving the beautiful Valley Island of Maui. As usual, my travel plan is long and packed to the brim.. Kahului - Phoenix - New York - Oslo, one night stop over in Oslo (Monday) where I have an appointment with the office, lunch with Jorunn, dinner with Irene and the NTNU guys and where I will drop of my surfboards. 
Early Tuesday I fly to Las Palmas to join the boat again. From Las Palmas we are transiting to Guyana or Brasil, who knows.. And FINALLY just before christmas I arrive home to move into my gorgeous house, try out my new car (that I have not even seen yet) and all the holiday festivities! So excited :) See you all soon!

tirsdag 8. november 2011

Waikiki again!

Waikiki Beach from Our Balcony
Last weekend I had a rendezvous with Honolulu and Waikiki! Last time I was here, was with Virginie, Peder, Anne and Malin, celebrating New Years. This time I came with Katarina and Monica for shopping, sightseeing and Halloween. We found us a nice hotel with this amazing view of Waikiki beach..  We dined in fine restaurants, popped some Veuve Clicot on our Balcony, enjoyed some Longboard Lager and Maui style chips, we visited Honolulu Zoo and got to see elephants, birds, tigers and some very interesting turtle business.. haha. We got to taste the famous Cheescake factory cheesecake.. and met some Norwegian students in the line, we experienced the craziness of US Halloween.. Thousands of people walking up and down the streets in awesome costumes, what a blast! And least but not last, we did some shopping :) All three ended up buying 2 fantastic designer gowns each :) So watch out for New Years everyone! Me and my Calvin Klein beauty, and party at my awesome house in Søgne!

Visit to the Zoo

Visti to the Zoo?? Naah.. Halloween
Sunset Waikiki Beach
It felt really empty when Katarina and Monica left Wednesday, but luckily the wind has really picked up and the waves are great, so I'm keeping busy! I have also started packing up my home here on Maui :( Rather sad, but I know I will be back some day! And there is sooo much fun waiting in Norway. New house, new car, snow kiting and I have joined the amazing team so that will be a lot of fun, there's my new years party, winter season kickoff at Rørås and just the thrill of seeing my great friends and family :)