søndag 30. oktober 2011

More from Paradise..

I just got all Monica˙s pictures now, so I just had to post some more wonderful snapshots of our fantastic week:) Hope Norway is good :p
Me and Katarina in Bamboo Forest
Chillin in the truck
Front Street Lahaina
You thought Norwegian roads were bad???
Horseback riding! :)
Our beautiful horses :)
All in tights...
Big Beach!
Cruisin with Trilogy
Lanai city
Monica as Bud model.. (the beer was awful..)

Hawaiian dream!

Today I have just had the most amazing day in a very very long time. I does not really give justice in just words. My very good old amazing friends Katarina and Monica (from Kristiansand) has been visiting me the last week. We have done a whole bunch of amazing things here on Maui and today we rounded up a beautiful week with full day sailing on this amazing catamaran trip to Lanai. (Trilogy Lanai Seafari) where we sailed out on this grand sailboat with only 11 other people and a great (and amazingly handsome) sailing crew to the neighbor island of Lanai. We snorkeled, small boat rafting, eco van tour of Lanai, sailed, had drinks, ice-cream, barbecue, u name it and all the time we were waitered on by lovely tanned super handsome sailor guys. 

When we arrived home we walked over to Mama˙s FIsh restaurant and had the best 3 course dinner any of us has had in a long long time.. What an amazing finish of an AMAZING week. Tomorrow we fly to Honolulu and Waikiki for some shopping, tanning and maybe a night out :)

Katarina and Monica on the "Backroad" to Hana

Monica and amazing Banyan tree on Pipiwai trail

Katarina and Monica at Waimoku Falls
Me at North Kihei Beach
Onboard the amazing Trilogy VI
Katarina ready for snorkeling
Sailing :)
Some of our super nice (and handsome) crew :)

torsdag 20. oktober 2011

Just another day at the office..

Just a few shots of my everyday life :)

onsdag 5. oktober 2011

Upernavik in September...

 This trip we crewchanged from Upernavik, Greenland.. We are just about 74 degrees north.. on the same latitude as Svalbard.. It is snowy and freezing cold! I still take myselfe in wondering of all the amazing weird adventures this jobs bring me too.. So here are some "mood" pictures from my life at work..
Not prepared for snow in September!!
Lovely light in Upernavik
Dog in Upernavik
Some of the sights in Upernavik.. Icebergs everywhere..
Colourful houses in all the white and grey
Huuuge iceberg floating by
Sunset from Ocean Explorer
Upernavik from sea. (Photos by Steve B)
Ramform Challenger (Photos by Steve B)

My boat (Photos by Steve B)
This is where I spend 6months of the year.. (Photos by Steve B)