torsdag 27. september 2012

Memories from Maui!!

Aamazing kitesurfing video from Wainman Hawaii and all the cool guys and girls on the team. All from my favourit place in the world.. MAUI!! I used to sit on the beach looking at (or kiting alongside) these crazy guys every day! (Get the amazing Wainman Hawaii kites at )

Going Kitesurfing this weekend anyone? :)

Great winds and even some waves in the forecast for this weekend! I can try out my new water helmet. from :) Play safe! Already tried getting my surfboard in my head, not fun! Rather look "stupid" than be dead.. Not that anyone look stupid with this cool helmet! And only one week until Stavanger and Norwegian wave-kite championship.. Fluid Wave Challenge 2012 I have not practiced enough and getting seriously nervous. But my only goal is to have fun.. :) 

fredag 21. september 2012

Slow blogger..

Not really the best blogger these days.. mainly because I don't really do that much exciting stuff anymore. But maybe I will be better. :) Lately I have been kitesurfing, working, hanging out with friends and taking care of Nani. She is growing like crazy! 9.7kg yesterday! I have put together a little photoalbum of Nani from 2 weeks old to 13 weeks for those who want to look at lovely puppy!
Nani growing..