tirsdag 8. november 2011

Waikiki again!

Waikiki Beach from Our Balcony
Last weekend I had a rendezvous with Honolulu and Waikiki! Last time I was here, was with Virginie, Peder, Anne and Malin, celebrating New Years. This time I came with Katarina and Monica for shopping, sightseeing and Halloween. We found us a nice hotel with this amazing view of Waikiki beach..  We dined in fine restaurants, popped some Veuve Clicot on our Balcony, enjoyed some Longboard Lager and Maui style chips, we visited Honolulu Zoo and got to see elephants, birds, tigers and some very interesting turtle business.. haha. We got to taste the famous Cheescake factory cheesecake.. and met some Norwegian students in the line, we experienced the craziness of US Halloween.. Thousands of people walking up and down the streets in awesome costumes, what a blast! And least but not last, we did some shopping :) All three ended up buying 2 fantastic designer gowns each :) So watch out for New Years everyone! Me and my Calvin Klein beauty, and party at my awesome house in Søgne!

Visit to the Zoo

Visti to the Zoo?? Naah.. Halloween
Sunset Waikiki Beach
It felt really empty when Katarina and Monica left Wednesday, but luckily the wind has really picked up and the waves are great, so I'm keeping busy! I have also started packing up my home here on Maui :( Rather sad, but I know I will be back some day! And there is sooo much fun waiting in Norway. New house, new car, snow kiting and I have joined the amazing Sideshore.no team so that will be a lot of fun, there's my new years party, winter season kickoff at Rørås and just the thrill of seeing my great friends and family :)

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  1. Hei.
    Så mye fint du får med deg nå det er din siste tur , på lenge til Maui.Flott å ha minner derfra med dine venninner også. Vi gleder oss til å ta bilen og besøke deg i Søgne. Welcome home.mum