onsdag 4. juli 2012

Weddings and BAAACK on the water!!

To say that June has been weddings is not exaggerating. Two bachelorette parties and two weddings have occupied every weekend in Juni! My old friend Christina and Fredik kicked it all off two weeks ago in a beautiful cermony and fantastic party in Oslo. This last weekend my friends Helena and Mads tied the knots in beautiful Hellesylt followed by an amazing party at the old traditional Union Øye hotel. Fjords, mountains and unfortunatley rain, anyway, a lovely weekend! Took just a few pictures, but here you go!

Union Øye hotel

While everyone else were still in bed, me and Ben went hiking in the beautiful mountains!
Liv and Håkon's suite at Union Øye
My lovely room
Me and Liv all ready for party :)
When I landed in Kristiansand, first thing I saw was atleast 10 kitesurfers at Hamresanden, close by the airport. After moaning and beating my head in the  windshield in frustration I continued and tought.. sooon. Coming home, I sit down on my coach, look out of the window, and what do I see??? Two kiters on the sea just outside my house!! Enough is enough.. a desperate kiter can only handle so much waiting. I decided my shoulder was good enough for a try on the water.. And how AWESOME!!!!! it was to get back on the water!! I am extatic! Can't wait for the wind to come back so I can get out there again! :)
My kitesurfing mekka! (5min from my house)
This is how happy I was kitesurfing again!! After 4 months off!

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