lørdag 4. august 2012

Another amazing Sideshore Kitecamp!

I just came home from another awesome kitesurfing camp with Sideshore at Prassonisi on the Greek Island of Rhodes!

The wind was a bit up and down, but we got some good sessions in every day. We also met so many amazing people and had a few great parties and afterkite sessions at the Mojito bar and hotel bar. And I think we must have set a new record of girls attending the camp! If I counted correctly, we were 15 (!!) girls! Fun to see that more and more girls are getting into the sport :)

I was really worried getting back on the water again after my shoulder injury, but it turned out it was the ankle that would give me the most grief. Anyway, getting the confindence back atleast and just staying away from unhooked fun for a while, but Karianne is back! I also had a few awesome sessions with borrowed surf board. I sooo miss Maui waves! Anyway, here are some pictures :)

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  1. Takk for en fin uke! Men, kommer ikke inn på den linken til bildene... Er det bare meg?