lørdag 18. januar 2014

Fairytale Feel in Evardalen

Last weekend me, Nani and Marius spent at my parents cabin in Evardalen, Brokke, about 2 hrs from Kristiansand, not including the last 20min on a snowmobile.
We spent quite some time trying to clear the roof for snow, as there was up to 1,5m of packed snow. Luckily, we also had time to do some snowkiting!

Ever since I got my eyes up for snowkiting, I've dreamed about kiting up a mountain called Øyentjørnsnuten. We always hike up there at summertime, and crosscountry ski up wintertime. This weekend we more or less flew up with our kites :) Pictures says more than thousand words? Pictures Evardalen

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