onsdag 20. april 2011

Maui life

Then I was back on Maui again. All by myselfe this time.. pretty weird! The wind has so far been awsome, the weather is beautiful and the temprature is touching the big 3 0. Since I came back I have pretty much been a kitesurfing geek.. all I have done is kitesurf from morning until night.. I have eaten the same pasta dish three days in a row, the other day I only ate cereal, too tired to cook. My body hurts all over, I have bruises and scratches everywehere.. but I've had some amazing kitesurfing, I am finally starting to nail some of the tricks I've been working on lately and the wavekiting has improved alot. And I still got 2 and a half more week!! Nice:) 

And for all kitegeeks out there.. I know what gear you all are going to ride next year! So far the whole Naish Pro Team has been here doing photoshoots of next years kites, one North rider occupied the whole beach today laying out seven of the new North Rebel kites, testing them all, and 4-5 guys from the Wainman team are here testing out prototypes of new kites and boards..

Since I'm here alone, feel abit like "Viggo Venneløs" (altough I wavekitet with on of the Best Pro Riders today), I don't have anyone to take photos of me.. maybe I'll try taking some peek photos of the pro's riding one day.. but for now, all you get is boring text. Sorry about that! Someone should come visit!!

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