tirsdag 26. april 2011

Bamboo Forest Trail

Today it was pretty light wind, so I, my roomie Veronika and her boyfriend Brian decided to take the Bamboo Forest Hike. The Hike wasn't very long or challenging, I actually regret not taking all my previous visitors here, cause it was beautiful! We hiked throught the tall bamboo forest into three beautiful waterfalls where we cliff jumped, svam and chilled out. At the second pool, we met a friend of Veronika. She took us to a "secret spot". To get there we had to hike up an empty river bed, leave all our things at a little cliff, jump into a canal and swim through one pond, climb up a small waterfall and we were in heaven. It was so beautiful. Didn't get any pictures from this place as I had to leave my camera, but take my word, it was georgeous. Such tranquility. We bathed and dried off on warm lava rocks and napping to the steady drizzle of the waterfall.
Brian in the Bamboo forest

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