søndag 1. mai 2011

Maui life part 2

Time for a little update on what's going on here on Maui! Short summary, wind is still blowing, the sea is still beautiful turquoise and the temprature is 25-30 C. So life is still pretty good! I've had 13 great kitedays of the last 14!! And I have been out trying the Wainman 2012 proto types :) Thanks to Mike and Todd..  I know what we're going to be riding next year!! (there is going to be new sizes.. 6.25m, 7.5m, 9m, 10.5m)
A couple of days ago I figured out that I have barely spent any money since I came here.. so I figured it was time to spoil myself a little bit:) Strong NOK makes these purchases pretty good...
I have also been to Milagros and had my favourite amazing Nachos! Can you believe this meal, including the Margarita, is only $10!! Amazing. And to everyone that've had to listen to me dreaming about Milagros Nachos, this is why! (beats the Hard Rock Cafe Nachos ANY DAY)
But all good things have an end:( I have to go back to work on Sunday. Only one more week of this. The good news for all in Norway is, that after 4 weeks in Hamburg I am going to Norway!! So I will be in Norway from 8.june - 13.juli! So looking forward to see everybody and to go to Liv and Håkon's wedding and maybe meet Irene's new baby if it arrives on time! And if anyone is going to Maui between May and mid August, I have a great big nice room for rent!

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