fredag 27. mai 2011

Pimp my Ramform

We had a meeting today with one of the "big cheeses" of PGS, and he was talking about all the upgrades we are getting, the 3 million jobs that are being performed simultaniously onboard now and the 60 million dollar spent or whatever and he mentioned that last boat the went through the same operation was like pimp my Ramform :) Pretty funny and pretty true! We are getting so much nice and bright and cool stuff onboard! In the navigation desk we have no less than 24x24 inches screen + 2x44 inches.. we are buying Bose 7:1 speaker system to the instrumentroom (for entertainment only), cabins are being upgraded, galley is being renewed, a wall in the gym has been knocked out, new treadmill (hurray) etc etc. I think it will be pretty cool! Tried taking a few pictures from the caotic transformation, I also got a few nice pictures from Dimitri.
Me, Matt and Demis trying to remove Nortek head
Streamerdeck caos!!
Me and Gareth waiting for shipments to get onboard
Navigation department :)
Challenger and the city of Hamburg
View from Helideck
Beachbar on the way home from the yard. (notice CHA in the background:)

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