mandag 30. mai 2011

Nightlife in Hamburg

I must admit that the nightlife here in Hamburg is among the best I have ever experienced. Like anywhere you go it is also here, the people you go out with that make you night, or break your night. I am lukcy enough to have fallen into a great crew with alot of good people and I've made many friends already. Saturday is our big night out while in yard (since we can sleep in a little bit on sundays) so ofcourse we make the most out of it. It is funny how different it is going out with the different departments onboard :) All in all I have had sooo much fun here in Hamburg! (Sorry for crappy photos, not good camera on my Htc!!)
Night out at the beerhall with Navigation (Demis, Matt, Matt + Rebecca (Matt's wife)
Night out with the Gunner's.. that beer barrel was for our table...
Me and Matt loooooves... (haha, only in Germany do you have shops like that in the background)
McFlurry Magnum (almost like a ritual to go and have icecream every now and then..)
Me, Matt and Dimitry in our "sexy coctail bar" haha.
Tapas night!
Matt, Gareth and me on our way home from Tapas

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