onsdag 18. mai 2011

Butterfly Rain Effect 2011

I was so excited for this years Butterfly effect on Maui. It was my very first one, the wind was back and all was suppose to be great.. Except that it was poooring down rain, super crazy gusty wind and actually quite miserable.. But when that is said, it was also alot of fun. We cleaned up Hookipa for weeds, we did yoga on the beach in a big circle, kitesurfed/windsurfed/SUP together, had pizza at Kanaha and made some new friends.

In the evening there was a fashion show that was actually really good! I met a swedish girl there, so we had some food (and Margarita) on Milagros before the afterparty at Charlies. All in all a fun day, even though the weather gods were not smiling at us... And I was actually freezing cold at one point!!
(Pictures are all from http://betheeffect.com )

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