mandag 15. august 2011

Latest news..

It's been a while since last time a wrote anything here.. Main reason: I'm offshore and there's just not that much happening.. Everyday is the same.. Altough this trip a lot actually has happen! I've just been to lazy to write.. So in short:
  • Going back to Maui tomorrow!! Can't wait!!
  • Given up the house on Maui, and probably found a nice place on the beach..
  • Sold my appartment in Oslo! (for a good price)
  • Appplied for Brazilian visa as Challenger is going to Brasil in October :)
So now I'm just couting hours to go home, hoping that Wainman Hawaii will soooon release there 2012 series so I can get my new kites, searching for beach houses on Maui, searching for nice houses in Kristiansand (will move back there next summer i think..), and looking for a new MacBook Air as my computer is on its way to the dump. See ya later!

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