fredag 5. august 2011

A seismic day in my life..

23:15 My alarm goes off and I stagger out of bed
23:30 Daily ritual of breakfast in the galley with Matt and Andre.. 3 zoombies eating same cereal at the same places on around the table, stearing down into our bowls every day. The conversation seldom exceeds a mumbeling "morning.."
24:00 Start working. Normally 5-6hrs of pulling my hair out trying to get a navigation solution for the last line that the computer didn't manage to solve..
03:00 Short break with Matt for our daily dry toast with "makrell i tomat". I usually open a can and take a small piece. Matt usually eats a whole box.. After that, back to the screens..
05:30 Breakfast or more like lunch for us.. normally concist of oatmeal porridge, panncakes or dry toast with egg..
06:00 Back to screens, processing or maybe some outdoor jobs. Drilling wholes, modifying some racks, fixing pingers, cold trip in the workboat in full survival suit etc..
09:00 The next to best time of the day!! Cake time!! The galley girls arrive with fresh baked buns, brownies, croissants or something.
11:00 Happy hour. Only 1hr left of the shift! Normally we would play happy fun music at this time, but at present time it is music war in the instrument room so who evers got the control plays what he/she wish.
12:00 Best time of the day. Shift is over, dinner is served and we can do whatever we like.
13:00 I like the gym so now I normally hit the bicycle, running machine or monster shop (weights gym).
14.30 Time to shower and go to bed. My seismic day is officially over. 
Some days are a little bit different though.. Thursday night is Norwegian night with "komper", "pinnekjøtt" og "ribbe".. friday noon or sometimes thursday is curryday, Saturday is pizza and chocolate day and Sunday is fishday with lobster, baked salmon and other goodies :) Generally really great food onboard!!

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  1. Er faktisk ikke så ulikt det livet vi "landkrabber" lever. Men, vi kan komme oss bort fra arbeidsplassen.
    Godt du snart skal få sol og sommer, og kiting.
    Her går vi ubønnhørlig mot høst. Mye regn, vind og veeeldig mørkt om kvelden etterhvert.