søndag 24. juli 2011

Sunrise and icebergs

Last trace of sun we've seen..
At crewchange almost 2 weeks ago (that means only 3 left!!), I took some stunning sunrise picture from Ocean Explorer just when we met up with Challenger. Tought I share them with you guys in this sad time. We are all talking about what happen in Oslo and following everything from internet, it's just to awful to be put into words.
Iceberg in the horizon
Ramform Challenger
First batch of happy offsigners
Since then we have basically had two types of weather.. Fog and storm.. or more like fog, fog, fog, storm, storm, storm, storm, fog, fog, fog, fog.. so not much exciting to see or capture on film. Altough I tried getting an iceberg in the fog and storm here..

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  1. Hei.
    Godt det ikke re meg som er ombord. Synd dere får sett så lite av det praktfulle landskapet (isfjell, fugler og dyr)