tirsdag 5. juli 2011

Go Norway!

As many of you know, I have spent my last few weeks in Norway!! My priority has been to meet as many of my friends as I can and spend time with my family. It has also been time for some fun and sports ofcourse :) A week ago, I drove to Oslo to visit my friend Jorun and see Foo Fighters. We also attended the very first Oslo Watergames. Here we joined in on Oslo SUP Challenge sprint (1.6km) and long distance (5km). For those lagging behind, SUP = Stand Up Paddle. We had loads of fun, I "won" the ideal time on the sprint and we all did very well. For the first time ever there was more girls than guys attending! (and most of those girls were kitesurfer girls!!). After the Challenge, we met up with old and new kitesurfergirls for a night out in Oslo. What a blast!!
Other than this amazing weekend, I have spent some time running and roaming around in all the beautiful woods and forest and seaside places we have here in Kristiansand. Took some pictures from a trip me and my mom did to a place called Doneviga. Really beautiful.

And as if that wasn't enough fun, my friend Randi, took me out in their brand new Sea Kayacks. I just loved it! Man, if I am going to get one of those whenever I move home! And I'm going to rent one in Maui so I can practise my deathroll in hot water (with sharks..).

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