mandag 11. juli 2011

The last, but maybe the best (?!) weekend..

I've had a really great last weekend at home! Me and Katarina and the The Girl Geek Dinners Kristiansand drank beers and jumped around Thursday night at the great event "Sommer på Torvet.
Me and Katarina "På Torvet"
 I also ate loads and loads and loads of good Norwegians strawberries.. I LOVE strawberries.. I could switch out chocolate any day for strawberries. (Those who knows me well, knows how much I love chocolate..)
 After eating all that strawberries and drinking all the beer, I needed some exercise, so I helped my parents to stack a couple of winters worth of wood for the fireplace into the garage.. Soo many ways to have fun:)
 Then I went into town and had a look at some "sand castles"... Can anyone make something better? Challenge for the no wind days in Maui..

 The rest of the weekend I spent helping out my good friend Liv getting stuff ready for her amazing wedding! And of course attending the wedding.. and the afterparty.. that lasted until 6am.. I think that says something about what a great night that was. Great day actually. Topping it all of with a good long Sunday chillin by the sea, eating leftovers and laughing about last night. Thanks for a great weekend!!
Me and my good old friend Monica
The Happy couple :) Håkon og Liv

2 kommentarer:

  1. Var ein fin periode, og du utnyttet den maksimalt. Så bra du hjalp med veden, tok det vel som en treningsøkt!!!
    God tur til Grønland.

  2. Karianne ønsker å få flere reaksjoner på sin blogg, kjør ivei!!!!