mandag 12. september 2011

Surfer Girl

 I think I'm getting hooked on Surfing too.. The swell has been really great the last week  here on Maui and I've had some really good sessions on the water! The best thing of all was walking out my door the other day, the neighbor had yard-sale, and there was my perfect board!! 9feet, slim style, used but great conditions. Took it straight out and had my best surfing day ever! But all good things come to an end. My last session yesterday was interrupted by a jellyfish (Portuguese Man o'War) twisted around my thigh and down my leg. I'm normally no chicken when it comes to these things, but that was freaking painful..  
My surfspot (Grandma's)
Surfmobile :) Handy with a big car.
Today I'm flying to Oslo to do my Offshore Survival refresher, sell my appartement and move furniture (and hopefully see som friends). Friday I will go to Kristiansand and spend the weekend there before flying up to Baffin Bay, outside Greenland.. (About 74degrees North, I will freeze to death I'm sure..).

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  1. Du hviler aldri på det du kan. Nye utfordringer står i kø.
    Koselig å få se deg noen dager.
    Welcome home.ikt