søndag 26. februar 2012

Equator Crossing and other Transit activities

So what do we do on a 10 days transit from Rio de Janeiro to Cape Verde? Well, we BBQ, we play basketball even had a basketball tournament and of course we had the Equator crossing "Neptun Ceremony". My last days in Seismic turned out to be pretty relaxed :) Thanks to all the great people around the fleet that have made my last 3 years in Seismic memorable! Going to miss you all! 
Nav's killing the Gunners in basketball :)
Maritime vs Gun
I guess playing basketball on a boat isn't always a great idea.. Doing Officials duty instead..
BBQ in the middle of the atlantic.
Equator Crossing: The Queen and the Neptun baby..
Me being picked up by Neptuns guards.
Me covered in Galley left overs.. Yummy..  Me and Jessie ready for torture.
Jessie being thrown in the pool
After pictures..

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