søndag 29. januar 2012

Challenger Year!

What a year I have had.. Sitting, as usual on the boat, daydreaming, I started thinking about all that have happen in 2011,and what a year it has been! I have had an amazing year. I have had loads of fun, some good some sad times, I have lost touch with some good friends but I have also met so many new friends, I have been disappointed but also really surprised and impressed, I have sold my first home, but found my dream home and figured out where I want to be, I have travelled the world, I have missed those who means the most to me, I have discovered new things about myself.. and about others.. And lots have changed!

Last New Year was celebrated in Honolulu, this New Years I spent with wonderful friends in my own home. Last easter I spent surfing the waves in Maui, this easter I am planning to spend in the snow, last year I spent far away from home, 230days on travel and work, the rest on Maui, this year I am planning to spend mostly at home, in Kristiansand:) 

I am saying farvel to a job and a lifestyle i have loved and to many people that have made the last 3 years in PGS special. But I am looking forward to start my new life in my dream house in my HOME town in a new and exciting job with my friends and family just around the corner:)

Some of the people that have made my last year in Seismic special :) Crewmeal in Rio.. jeeez I am going to miss those!!:p (as always, awesome pictures from Suzanne)

Challenger crew

Challenger girls :)
The Nav crew HK, Crazyleg, Demis and QC Jessie 
Cheif Bepo, me and Robert.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ja du har virkelig fått med deg mye, både av reising,nye venner og utfordrende jobb.But,all things comes to an end.Og et nytt liv(mer normalt??) starter. får håpe du kan greie å omstille deg. Her i kristiansand er det snø så det rekker til langt utpå våren, men den er fnugglett og nydelig. Må vi nå bare ikke få mildvær på en stund.Welcome home Karianne.IKT

  2. Jaa, jag hørde lite rykten hær på kontoret :) Grattis till nye jobbet! Finner du dig sjælv i Oslo nån dag får du komma o sæga hej!
    Kram Helen