søndag 1. januar 2012

New Year Party!!

Happy New Year!! We had a blast at my party. Being modest as always I would say next after Liv and Håkon's wedding, this was the party of the year :D Sorry for everyone who did not manage to come. Maybe next year.. I hope everyone I know and love will have a wonderful 2012. I wish you all the best :)
Ready for party in my livingroom
You got to love Ikea.
Suzanne, Matt and me ready for the party
Amazing food! Sushi :)
2012 in the rain
No party without a pyramid.. feel I look very classy..
Some of the very handsome guys all dressed up! Håkon, Eirik and Henrik.
Monica, Kjetil, Espen

1 kommentar:

  1. Ja ser ut til å ha vært et selskap oppmot et bryllup, i allefall hva angår mat og stemning. Og så slapp du vel de ,til dels, flaue talene.
    Verdifullt å ha mange gode venner.
    Godt nytt år til deg:)