søndag 25. mars 2012

A Perfect Sunday!

What can I say, it's been sunny, it's been hot (I have actually worn shorts and t-shirt all day.. in MARCH in NORWAY!!), I have spent the day with great people, I've been hiking, I've been bbq'ing (or atleast eaten Mads and Helena's lovely bbq food :) And finishing the night off on the coach with my lovely cat. And most of all, I am NOT offshore :) Sorry guys and girls on CHA. I really was thinking about you guys today.. 
Tanning and relaxing on my patio
Out walking on the beach
Katarina and Magnus on the way down from "Den Omvendte båd"
The years first BBQ at Mads and Helena's place.
Lava chilling on my livingroom table.
Tired Lava..
Life is not too bad in Norway. It is weird not being offshore, but it is kind off nice. First week at my new job was good and interesting, jumping straight into a big drilling project.. guess I need to learn something about drilling! Still half handicapped after dislocating my shoulder snowkiting 2 weeks ago and no kiting for 3months!!SUCKS! Guess I have to find another hobby for a while... any ideas?

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