søndag 6. januar 2013

Snowkiting at Haukeliseter

Friday afternoon I was still at work, eager for the weekend and as every dedicated kiter in the world I was checking the wind forecast just about every hour.. suddenly I discover, change in wind forecast for Haukeli!! 2 hrs later the car (my mom's car actually) was packed to the roof with me, Emily, the dogs (Nani, Heidi and Akita), 5 kites, 2 boards, goggles, helmets, parkas etc etc and on the road to Haukeliseter for the first snowkiting weekend of the season :)

Emily og Nani
The wind was nice, the weather was fantastic, the snow a bit wet, but hey, 2 out of 3, can't have it all! And not to forget, at Haukeliseter you are welcomed as an old friend, no matter who you are.  So we kited, played with the dogs in the snow, had a few beers in the lavvo, ate an amazing 3 course dinner and just enjoyed life! 
More pictures at Haukeliseter January

Ute og lufter Wainman Punch :)

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  1. Så fint mennesker og dyr fikk luftet seg i den praktfulle naturen. Og at du endelig fikk koret på snø igjen. Inger

  2. Mente kitet, sjekket ikke ordlista.