mandag 11. februar 2013

A Snowkiters Dream

This is why we kiters love what we do.. This is why we never give up, keep chasing the wind, travelling all over the world to get those special moments of heaven :) Sometimes we don't even have to travel that far to have a magical moment. Last weekend we spent at Torjus' beautiful cabin at Hovden, 3hrs away from home. The weather turned out fantastic, we had powder on the ground and starting the day with 22 blues warming up to -5 during the day. A bit of wind and suddenly we had a perfect snowkiting day.
Wainman Hawaii Punch in Afternoon Sun
Tallak and his Wainman Boss

Me and Nani playing catch the snowball

1 kommentar:

  1. Det ser bare fantastisk ut. Like fint på snø som blå bølger på Maui.