torsdag 7. mars 2013

KrsKite doing Hovden

Kristiansand Kiteklubb legendary trip to the mountains of Hovden, Aust Agder. Seven eager kiters was sitting on top of Nos Friday afternoon..The forecast did not look good, or actually it looked too good to be true and way too good to be able to kite :) Friday was suppose to be the best day with stunning blue sky and a forecast of 7m/s. This turned out to be more like stunning weather and 0m/s.. but we did some top of the mountain yoga, headstands and Kittil cooked hot-dogs for us all. Friday night is as it should be taco night, followed by Monopol.. And as the leader of KrsKite I hereby forbid the game Monopol from any future KrsKite arrangements... I think I got the record of 8 or 9 direct trips to jail within one round.. 

Saturday didn't look too promising as the weather forecast indicated 22m/s.. full storm.. And full storm it was, it was even said to be hurricane force in some of the gusts on the tops. But nothing stops krskite when we're up for some sailing.. We drove to Bjåen (in a blistering storm and not able to see the car 2m ahead of us..), but suddenly it all just cleared and the sky turned blue, the wind was still hauling, but hey, that's what we are looking for! And with my 5 Wainman Bunny tuned for strong wind this day turned out to be the best! Finishing of the day with Rolf's tasty Surf'nTurf pasta dish, some wine, Indo boarding and good company at Torjus' fabulous cabin.

Sunday was still sunny and blue sky, the forecast looked pretty light, but we took a chance and rigged up the kites on top of Nos again. The beginning of the day turned out to be really light with very hard packed snow, but as the sun turned around the snow became softer, the wind turned up a notch and another awesome day on the board:) Photos are all from Jan Marius Egenes. Link to the complete album: KrsKite Hovdentur 2013

Double Wainman Bunny. Tallak and Karianne
Waiting for wind at Nos
Torjus at Bjåen

Torjus and Stian practicing handstands

Karianne looking ready for a arctic expedition

Karianne trying to jump or somethin

Tallak showing how to do a nice Railey

Jan Marius out flying

Our airforce pilot Stian 

Soooo tired after an awesome day

Torjus' lovely cabin in the nighttime

The crew chillin after a long day

Karianne and the Wainman Punch in stunning location

Torjus showing of some tricks

Rolf taking in the scenery
Wainman Punch, a blue teletubby (me) and the mountains
Tallak and Wainman Boss at sunset

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