lørdag 26. februar 2011

Super duper kitesurfing day!

Today we had beautiful all day wind and sun all out of nowhere!! All the weather report predicted zero nada wind..Luckily, it was windy in Haiku, so just before leaving I decided to bring all the kitesurfing gear.. just in case! And when we got to the beach there was great wind and one single kitesurfer on the water! Looked like more than us was fooled by the wind prediction! This is how happy I get when we get wind!!(pic to the left..)

We all had 2 long sessions on the water.. got to practise some backrolls and fronrolls, unhooked railey and a little bit backroll kiteloop.. I still think it is dead scarey to kiteloop and had one really bad facesplash:) Here's a few pictures from the day! (btw, trying to write in english, since all my non Norwegian friends are hasseling me for blogging in Norwegian..)

Takk til fotograf Peder og Jorun for lån av kamera og redigering:)

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